Sunfire's Long Awaited Dream JS-N
co-owned with Robin McNeill
1/9/10 - 3/20/13
(Gander X Jaime)

In 2013, this beautiful and well loved dog had to be euthanized due to cluster seizures from epilepsy.  We had not previously had this horrible problem in our lines. While we have had Jaime's lines for several generations without problems, we don't know how much her genetics contributed to Porter's disease.  We do know that the sire produced one other epileptic puppy from another litter, but unfortunately neither Gander's owner or we knew about it before Jaime's puppies were several months old.  We didn't know about Porter until after Jaime's second litter was on the ground, and there had only been one questionable episode when the third was concieved.  Of course we hope that the lack of epilepsy in our lines previously keeps these subsequent puppies relatively safe, but none of us can forget that this horrible disease is scattered throughout our breed.  No one is exempt.  We have contributed DNA to the Univ Of Minn in hopes that someday the mode of inheritance can be determined and a test developed.